MSU Gets Modern And Adds Commercial Music Studies To Its Music Industry Curriculum


MSU is evolving its curriculum. As music continues to evolve and innovate, Morehead State University is also taking the leap by giving its undergraduate students a fresh look at the music industry.

MSU's School of Music, Theater and Dance has added a new course called Commercial Music Studies.

Commercial Music Studies is a four year course at MSU. The Bachelor of Arts major helps the students get ready for a career in music, as reported by The Trail Blazer. But the interesting goal about this new major is that it is not aimed at students who want to pursue a career in music performance or become a music teacher in the future. However, the course still benefits the two career paths.

MSU's Commercial Music Studies course looks more into the recording and business aspect of the industry. When it comes to music, there are a lot of roles and gears involved. Which is why students are going to immerse themselves in music theory, history and performance.

Glenn Ginn, the associate professor of guitar and electric bass and a teacher of Commercial Music Ensemble, says that MSU's Commercial Music Studies does not only look into the past but to the current trends as well - such as rock and pop.

Those interested in the course can study different genres and will develop the ability to identify the elements of music, for example, as stated in the Morehead State University website. In addition, those who want to take the course are required to enroll and participate in various music activities. Also, a minor is required for this degree.

MSU is confident that the new music course has a bright future ahead. Ginn says that Commercial Music Studies is still in its early stages but he hopes that the program will soon expand to add music designing and graphic distribution.

Watch MSU's own musical team in a concert below:

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