University Of Kansas Helps Community Colleges With Dual Degree Options


The University of Kansas is extending its hand to a few community colleges in the area. Butler Community College in particular is taking this step to pave the way for its college students to earn dual degrees.

Butler Community College initially does not offer such options. With the help of University of Kansas School of Nursing, Butler and three other Kansas community colleges are set to launch a new program that allows students to earn dual degrees simultaneously.

Butler Community College primarily offers associate degree level courses only. Aside from its links with University of Kansas, the institution is also partnering with Ottawa University on a business degree initiative that is launching this fall, as reported by The Wichita Business Journal. Butler's students can receive an associate's degree in business administration and at the same time take additional courses from Ottawa University to earn a bachelor's degree in business administration. The degree also concentrates in marketing.

Butler and three other Kansas community colleges are taking this route in order to provide opportunities for their students to obtain much more advanced degrees. With the University of Kansas School of Nursing partnership, these colleges are also enabling students to grab the opportunity to address shortages in nursing employment and medical degrees.

University of Kansas is making its mark in the educational field, as well. Aside from partnering with local community colleges, University of Kansas is also making strides abroad. A group of University of Kansas researchers are examining how female Vietnamese leaders are represented in the Vietnamese media, as reported by the University of Kansas. Stereotypes are found in such media coverages.

The study looks into the subject of gender bias. Because the University of Kansas is considered to be a major comprehensive research and teaching university, the study finds that the media influences public perceptions of gender bias.

Watch the video below of Prof. Mary Meyer, KU Nursing as she talks about what students learn in the nursing program:

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