Komodo Dragon Blood Contains Substances That Can Save Lives [Video]


A team of researchers discovered that the blood of Komodo dragon can be used to get rid of antibiotic resistant bacteria. They were from George Mason University in Virginia. They identified the substances cationic antimicrobial peptides or CAMPS that are vital for the immune system.

Komodo dragons had been described as giant lizards. They could be found in five islands in Indonesia. These animals were known for their deadly bites. Animals or humans bitten by it could die in just a matter of a few minutes. The victims did not die because of blood loss due to the inflicted wound. They died due to bacterial infection, according to iTech Post.

Scientists believed that the CAMPS on the animal's blood kept it from getting infected despite its dirty environment. The Komodo dragon had the dirtiest mouth because its saliva alone was found to have the presence of 57 types of bacteria. All can infect its prey and cause its quick death. And yet, the Komodo dragon healed quickly when wounded by other animals.

Scientists from George Mason University in Virginia got interested to find out why the bite of the Komodo dragon could cause instant death. They analyzed the animal's blood and discovered numerous strains of CAMPS. This was the reason why it never died despite the bacteria on its saliva.

The findings served as a breakthrough for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The scientists' discovery could mean that bacterial infection that resulted from resistance to antibiotics can now be controlled. Left uncontrolled, this type of bacteria can cause an epidemic and kill millions of people, according to the Daily Mail.

Antibiotics that could fight any type of bacteria that had developed resistance against some medications could be developed and used for the benefit of mankind. This would prevent massive deaths caused by bacterial infections.

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