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'Captain Marvel' Movie: Brie Larson's Hairstyle Will Disappoint Some Fans; Air Force Consulted Over Actress' Age [VIDEO]


"Captain Marvel" will not arrive in theaters until 2019, but the movie has generated plenty of buzz ever since Brie Larson was announced for the lead role. The internet is alive with talks of how the actress should look like as the superheroine; should she sport a Mohawk, a long hair or a short hair?

Larson recently addressed the discussions surrounding her character's appearance. As expected, the actress "can't say anything" beyond what was allowed of her, IGN reported.

However, she expects that some fans will be disappointed no matter what direction Marvel wants to pursue Captain Marvel's look. Basically, Larson adopted a "you can't please everyone" approach when it comes to the highly anticipated movie.

Carol Danvers' appearance changed over the years in the Marvel comics. Any one of those looks can make it into the film. Check out different renderings of Larson as Captain Marvel below.

In the comics, Carol stands at 5-foot, 11-inches. Her powers include flight, durability, super strength and firing concussive energy bursts from her hands.

Larson said that "Captain Marvel" will serve as "a bridge" between Earth (The Avengers' domain) and space (Guardians of the Galaxy's area). The actress explained that her character has "her own personal place is in this little area between where Earth ends and space begins," adding that that special domicile of the character touches her heart and inspires her so much.

Larson's age is also a central topic in "Captain Marvel." Some are saying that the 27-year-old actress is too young for the role; they argued that someone with her age wouldn't be able to accomplish too much as a military officer in the Air Force.

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman revealed that she consulted with the Air Force earlier this month to ask about the issue. The organization said that "it was not out of the realm of possibility" that someone between 28 and 34 years old could be an accomplished Air Force officer, according to a separate report from IGN.

Twitter user Atlanta Filming claimed that "Captain Marvel" may begin shooting in January 2018, though that info is still unconfirmed. The supposed start of filming, however, is in line with the movie's official release date.

Co-written by Meg LeFauve, "Captain Marvel" will bow in theaters on March 8, 2019. Do you want Larson to sport a Mohawk for the film? Share your thoughts below!

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