Testosterone And Older Men’s Health Yield Controversial Results, Says University Study


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays an important role in the development of male reproductive system. When it comes to men's health, it is considered to be essential.

Which is why testosterone is also being used as a medication to treat certain disorders among men. And because older men are prone to encounter testosterone deficiency as they age, synthetic testosterone are often prescribed to older men.

But there are conflicting studies when it comes to testosterone improving older men's health. Many claim that it increases their well-being and sexual function. Which is why some doctors are prescribing testosterone replacements. But there are opposite claims.

The effectiveness of synthetic testosterone are claimed to be controversial. There are mixed results when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of it, as reported by Southern California Public Radio.

To stress this, the Food and Drug Administration has increased its warning about the cardiac side effects of testosterone supplements. There are a lot of key studies regarding testosterone. All of which are noted in the Journal of American Medical Association and JAMA Internal Medicine.

The first study found that levels are raised when it comes to bone density and bone strength. The second study showed increase in iron levels. A third study shows that some men have reported having memory problems and showed no improvement on a cognitive level.

Dr. David Handelsman, from the University of Sydney and Concord Hospital, says that some problems are addressed by lifestyle measures. In the same manner, he calls for increased warning on testosterone packaging when it comes to cardiovascular risks.

Professor Eric Orwoll, a professor of medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University, says that both physicians and patients should be aware that there are cardiovascular risks and advantages to testosterone replacement.

For now, the issue is not resolved. Testosterone gel and other supplements and their efficacy still varies.

Find out more about testosterone and its relationship with masculinity in the TED Talk below:

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