Immigration News Inspires Anti-Immigrant Rant On Facebook After Trump Travel Ban


The Trump travel ban controversy is still making its rounds. With immigration news sprouting all over the country, picking up notes from current United States President Donald Trump's administration to capturing students and staff protesting on the streets.

But amidst all the immigration news, a University of Minnesota-Morris professor has probably shocked the whole school through his anti-immigrant Facebook rant. His rant on the social media is making its rounds in the school campus.

His Trump travel ban rant has pushed an upcoming rally, a teach-in and a discussion panel, as reported by City Pages. In his rant, Professor Dan Demetriou says that they can scrap the education system if America can't produce better average children than the average refugee.

Demetriou, a professor who specializes in ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of law, considers himself an authority in the matter. Unable to comment on his post because he is currently on a sabbatical in Sweden, psychology professor Heather Peters, who is a colleague, explains that Demetriou's views are based on the thoughts that are out there.

Peters had her students fact check Demetriou's arguments and they found ample peer-reviewed research about how immigration affects the American workforce and public schools.

However, his words has reportedly hurt some students. With the spike of immigration news running around the country, Demetriou acknowledged that his words can harm and demoralize some students who disagree with his opinions. But he concludes that his post will bring an intellectual diversity to the university to help avoid ideological monocultures.

While that is happening at University of Minnesota-Morris, other immigration news has picked up Vanderbilt University as an institution that does not support Donald Trump's travel ban and his executive orders on immigration. WKRN reports that there are 16 other universities who have announced that it does not support Trump's immigration policies.

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