How A University Student Got The 'Best Date Ever' With Eugenie Bouchard


American student John Goerke must have thanked Tom Brady and the Patriots many times for his recent luck - a date with Eugenie Bouchard. Goerke's story is also a testament how social media can make things possible.

It all starte d with a bet on Twitter when the world's Number 44 tweeted her support for the Falcons. Goerke, ever a Patriots fan, responded with a challenge to have a date if the Patriots win. Bouchard was confident the Falcons would win and accepted the challenge.

The tennis star had all the good reasons to be confident since, at the time of her tweet, the Falcons are already in the lead at 21-0 against the Patriots. However, Brady and the Patriots made an amazing comeback and scored 25 points that led an overtime.

The game ended with Brady finding Danny Amendola with a two-point conversion after a 91-yard drive. After that, James White made a two-yard touchdown that made the Patriots the Super Bowl LI champions.

No one saw that coming, especially Bouchard who took to Twitter asking Goerke where he lived. The tennis player must have regretted to have made a bet against the Patriot's Tom Brady.

So on February 16, two days after Valentines, the two met and had a great time watching a Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclays Center in New York. Bouchard posted their date on her Tweeter account. She also took a short video clip of Goerke asking him how he felt to which he laconically replied that it was the "best date ever."

Goerke looked conscious and shied away from the camera. But in another picture which Bouchard tweeted, the college student looked over the moon. It's not every day that a college student like him dates a gorgeous, top-seeded athlete like Bouchard.

Goerke said that he never believed Bouchard would honor their bet and thought there was no chance she'd agree to it. Bouchard, on the other hand, was apprehensive because Goerke's Twitter profile didn't reveal anything about him. After the date, she said that it turned out he was a "nice boy." When asked about a second date, she said it was possible. 

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