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Leaving home to go to college is already a big step, and leaving the country to study abroad to earn a college degree is even more daunting, but international students are able to get through. After the college life, another challenges comes in after the graduation.

It is not that easy for many international students to find a job immediately right after college especially when they opt to stay in the US. It is never an easy process, and in fact, many of them face the problem of staying after graduation. So here are some tips to help international students with this dilemma.

Find out where the job opportunities are

There are a number of states in the US that are friendlier to international students, according to the US News, and these are California, New York, and Texas. These states have the companies, firms and resources that are certainly going to help international students get employed. If a student attends a school in any of these states, they have better chances of landing a job here too. Many companies value diversity which is a good news for foreign students.

Use internationalization to your advantage

According to The Guardian, you have to think about what sets you apart from the rest as an international graduate and bank on those things. You may certain skills and qualities that other applicants may not have.

Seek career services from your university

Most colleges and universities have their own department that specifically helps students find jobs right after graduation, and you can maximize these resources. These career planning offices have helped a lot of international students in many years so utilize it.

Be flexible

Do not just stick to one career path. It is okay to get rejected and okay not to get the job of your dreams at first. The most important thing is that you are able to take at least one step on the ladder.

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