School Climate Affects Academic Achievement, Researchers Say [Video]

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Research conducted in 978 middle schools in California revealed that school climate affected academic achievement. The study was conducted during the school year 2004 to 2005 and 2010-2011.

Data used in the study came from the Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Educational Evaluation Regional Assistance. This is an agency of the Department of Education in the United States of America.

The data were gathered using survey questionnaires. The questions centered on six areas namely safety/connectedness, caring relationships with adults, bullying/discrimination, level of substance abuse, delinquency and meaningful student participation.

Schools rated high on safety/connectedness, caring relationships and meaningful participation but low in substance abuse, bullying/discrimination and delinquency had positive climate. When the opposite happens, the school had a negative climate, according to THE Journal.

Based on the results, schools wherein the students indicated positive school climate show high academic achievement. Those with negative school climate tended to have low academic achievement.

Furthermore, schools that were able to achieve positive school climate experienced better school performance as well.

The research findings resulted to more attention given to nurturing a positive school climate. Results revealed that a positive school climate results to high academic achievements. Schools that had been working towards a better school climate showed considerable increase in school performance.

Other schools began to evaluate their school climate following studies in California schools. New Hampshire schools evaluated their school climate. Incidence of bullying and online harassment resulted to a negative school climate, according to Education Dive.

The school allowed students to come up with their plan as to how to make the school climate positive. Through the efforts of the students, the school climate moved up until positive climates can be felt in the area.

With school climate proven to be related to academic performance, more schools are expected to take steps to improve the immediate school environment.


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