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Best Measures To Counter Act School Violence:: Learn 8 Ways On How To Stay Safe On Campus


Concerns about the safety of students in campuses have increased these days. Read on below to see what students can do to prevent unfortunate events from happening.

There have been several reports on sexual assaults that happened right under the noses of university administrators. Recently, with the election of Donald Trump as president, there has also been an increase in hostile acts done to minority students in campuses.

Fullerton College's publication, The Hornet shared eight ways that students can stay safe on campus. These are precautions that students can employ as they navigate their way in school.

Be mindful of your environment

This is especially important when walking around the campus at night. Students should look around and check the people who are walking with them as well as in hallways and in-between buildings. Be aware of people standing near your car in the parking lot.

Find a good parking spot

Look for well-lit areas. It's also good to find a spot that has a lot of people about even during nighttime.

Know your campus routes

Walk on pedestrian paths and sidewalks. It is highly-discouraged to take shortcuts particularly if you have to walk through isolated areas. Also, as much as possible, stay with groups or at least have a buddy with you when walking around campus.

Invest in a personal safety device

There are a lot of personal safety devices available. Try asking if your college sells these things. According to SafeWise, there are portable safety devices such as a siren sound alarm, an emergency response device as well as a cat defense key chain.

Be proactive

Report suspicious behavior at once to your college's Campus Safety. A school is a community and each member should help others.

Use the services of Campus Safety

Find out about what services your Campus Safety provides. In Fullerton College, the school's Campus Safety department has an escort service where students can be accompanied by an officer to and from their campus destination.

Know who to call

Know the contact numbers of your school's Campus Safety and save it on your phone. This is important if an unfortunate situation should occur.

Locate emergency phones on campus

Some universities and colleges provide emergency phones on campus. It is good to know their locations so that you can use them when the need arises.

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