Activision Confirms 'Destiny 2' Coming This Year; Bungie Will Be Rewarded Not Punished


Bungie's upcoming online-only first-person shooter game "Destiny 2" is about to get late. Just this week, game publisher Activision gave fans their first hints about the upcoming first-person shooter game Destiny 2 as part of an annual company's earnings call. During the call, Activision made some interesting discussion, something the fans are looking for.

Activision Confirms Sequel Coming Next Year

At the recent company's earnings call last week, Activision confirmed that the sequel to the popular first-person shooter is on track for a 2017 target release date and also discussed more details about the upcoming game, Game Radar reported.

The existence of the upcoming game has been public knowledge for years, but Activision only officially confirmed "Destiny 2" last February, stating in a recent press release that game developer Bungie would release a full game sequel by next year. However, a precise release date has yet to be announced by the game publisher.

According to Daily Star, the upcoming "Destiny 2" will be featuring a great cinematic story filled with a great cast of memorable and relatable characters, thus making "Destiny 2" more accessible to all players.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has shared to the audience that the development of the upcoming game is going well and smoothly. CEO Hirshberg also praised Bungie for making a great job, not only in keeping fans heavily committed to the previous game," but also in the upcoming Activision's upcoming first-person shooter game "Destiny 2."

Denies Reports About Bungie Stock

As mentioned earlier by the gaming site Kotaku, Activision has been in trouble recently involving the game developer Bungie. However, Activision was quick to act and denied the highly controversial report about Bungie, saying that there is no such story where Activision is awarded Bungie stock.

According to Kotaku, Bungie employees' stock vesting schedules are based on game releases. This means that the closer they hit targets, the better stock options they are rewarded.

Bungie wasn't under any major threat to release the upcoming game sequel "Destiny 2" next year, but instead, Bungie will be rewarded if "Destiny 2" will be released on 2017. And Bungie employees are reportedly poised to collect those rewards.

"Destiny 2" is scheduled for released sometime in 2017.

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