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'GTA 5' Online Secret Finally Unlocked, Secret Cargo & Warehouse Exposed [VIDEO]


Rockstar Games' open-world action adventure game GTA 5 has been one of the most popular video games in the market today, selling millions of copies worldwide. The developer has already promised a constant update to the action adventure game, including the online mode GTA 5 Online.

The GTA 5 Online Upcoming Update

Rumors are rife in the gaming world that GTA 5 Online will receive a new update that's related to the Valentine's Day. However, it still not sure if the rumored Valentine's Day event will come along with another downloadable content (DLC) or not.

Fortunately, The Express reported earlier that the GTA community could expect something new and huge for the gaming community this month. However, the UK publication didn't give the exact date for this, but it mentioned something good about the release date. The website suggests that update will be coming before this month ends.

Clues And Fresh Information About The Upcoming DLC Found In The GTA 5 Online Game

Recently, a YouTube user named MrBossFTW has unearthed some fresh clues about the highly-anticipated Tuners and Outlaws DLC for the action adventure game. Reports said that a new vehicle warehouse has been found in the action adventure video game.

Additionally, the Youtube users also mention another warehouse garage near the airport hangar that reads McKenzie Imports/Exports on the top. Meanwhile, Reddit user Im_Tsuikyit has shared some of the latest information he obtained from the recently found vehicle warehouse. The Redditor posted the info via Reddit's GTA Online thread.

According to the Reddit user, the hidden cargo warehouse was spotted right opposite the street from the strip club that reads "Foreign and Domestic" above the door.

The Reddit user even explained how he discovered the warehouse. He said that he accidentally discovered the vehicle warehouse during a car delivery mission wherein he was driving a Baller to Simeon in a contact mission.

Then, there's also another similar warehouse garage that has been found in Vagos gang territory which known as Autoshop.

As a result of those discoveries, many have already speculated that the newly discovered vehicle-cargo garage might be part of the cut content from the Import/Export DLC or something that was reserved only for the upcoming Tuners and Outlaws DLC or Import/Export DLC.

In addition to the newly found garage or vehicle cargo, the Youtube users MrBossFTW also described the varying types of special vehicles that could make their way into GTA Online. These may include hybrid land/water or land/air vehicles, the Youtube user claimed.

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