Valentine’s Day For Loners, What To Do On Single Awareness Day For College Students


Valentine's day is not a basic human right for everyone to go on a date in high school or college. Unfortunately (or fortunately), not everyone has a date on Feb. 14. For college and university students, they may be stereotyped as loners on Tuesday.

But being a loner on Valentine's Day should not be a bad thing. Non-couples and single college students can still enjoy Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to enjoy the day and love yourself:

1. Do not have a date on Valentine's Day? Singles need love, too. But it is much more important to love yourself first. Why not get a massage and soak in a bubble bath, as suggested by the Miami Herald. Caring for yourself is important especially when faced with hectic schedules and deadlines in college. Go ahead and indulge! Get out of the dorm and soak in the luxuries of life.

2. If being a loner is not your thing, go ahead and be with other singles on Valentine's Day! Host a party. Invite other singles, couples and friends. Who knows, you may end up with a date. Try these questions from TED Talk and see if it works:

3. Making someone else happy is a fulfilling thing, too. Do something for someone else like participate in a charity or volunteer somewhere. There are other loners out there that need the attention. Homeless people are lonely too, for example. Paying for someone else's meal behind you in a drive through can be fulfilling, too.

Just remember that being single on Valentine's Day is not so bad. According to Elite Daily, being single is an excellent time to remind yourself of your worth. A lot of people are loners on Valentine's Day. It just so happens that on Feb. 14 there are a lot of people posting pictures of their dates, flowers and chocolates.

So, stay off the social network feeds for now and be confident with your independence. Being single on Valentine's Day is not so bad. Enjoy the moment and quit referring to yourself as a loner.

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