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Trump Travel Ban: Canadian Universities Waive Application Fees And Offer Scholarships To Affected Students


The Trump travel ban has caused a lot of citizens and international students concerned. Universities and colleges are getting emails and calls for assistance for the past several weeks seeking financial assistance and asylum. Now, since the immigration ban has been halted, immigrants and refugees coming from predominantly Muslim countries are once again entering the United States. But some of them are choosing to go to Canada instead.

Due to the overwhelming requests for university and college assistance, a Newfoundland university is even waiving its application fees for the Trump travel ban affected students. The vice president of academics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Noreen Golfman, says that everyone is working overtime to answer calls and emails.

So far, the Newfoundland institution has already waived the $120 application fee for about 54 applicants, as reported by Global News. Golfman is unsure if other Canadian institutions are making a similar offer but she admits that she has heard that others will follow.

Newfoundland is just one out of the many Canadian universities that responded quickly following Donald Trump's actions. Memorial University is also planning on offering first semester scholarships to students affected by the Trump travel ban.

The controversy on the travel ban issue is not resolved yet and Trump is now appealing to federal judges to get the ruling right. Trump's administration wants to argue that they have authority when it comes to national security and wants to reinstate the travel ban on the seven predominantly Muslim countries, as reported by Mercury News.

According to President Trump, his actions can be understood even by a bad student in high school. He argues that the court seems to be political although he does not want to call them biased. The court panel's ruling on the Trump travel ban is expected to be released later during this week. In the meantime, the university in Newfoundland continues to entertain international students, even those coming from America.

Fox News has the latest news on Trump travel ban below:

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