How Millennials Use Facebook Live And YouTube To Enhance Public Speaking And PR Skills


Millennials use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to convey, not only their outfit of the day but also particular opinionated digital messages. Often times, millennials are using these social media platforms to post pictures and post their thoughts and ideas in written form. But there are also those who post videos.

Statistics show that there are millennials who suffer from glossophobia. In fact, 74 percent are suffering from it - the fear of public speaking, as reported by Statistic Brain. And Facebook Live and Youtube can be the next best thing to enhance their public speaking skills.

According to reports, public speaking is actually a rare talent among millennials. This generation started their growth through text messaging and social media. Which is why they are struggling when it comes to presenting themselves in front of a larger audience, as reported by Forbes.

But in reality, they are already engaging in public speaking. With millennials using Facebook Live, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, they convey their thoughts to a wider audience without having to stand out real time in front of people sitting in front of them.

Kristi Dosh, a public speaker, says that public speaking can help a person stand out and develop their personal brand. And she notes that millennials are engaging themselves in public speaking every day by using their phone. With this ability, this generation can enhance one of the most valuable skills in a competitive world.

Forbes has it that millennials have already mastered the art of digital art experience. Aside from public speaking, developing a personal brand also means advertising. Traditional ads no longer work for them and using the digital platform such as Facebook Live and YouTube can help businesses and brands get past a digital obstacle. Using millennials' distaste for traditional advertising, their want for new technology and their knowledge on social media use, millennials, brands and companies can use this trifecta to enhance digital marketing.

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