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The Internet of Things And The Security Challenge


With the ever-growing number of the Internet of Things devices, we are getting more and more connected everyday. On the other hand, we are also becoming more vulnerable to attacks, such as the Mirai attack last year. The challenge, therefore, is creating new methods of security to fend off possible attacks and risks in the future.

According to experts, the cost of damage due to data breaches will rise up to $2.1 trillion by 2019. A research also added that each data breach will cost more than $150 million. What's more shocking, however, is that 85 percent of IoT developers said that most of the IoT devices in the market do not have adequate security because of the pressure to put it out before comprehensive security tests are made.

This information might be worrisome but on a positive note, it is not a hopeless scenario. As much as technology is important, the human factor also plays a critical role in creating the IoT more secured.

Generally, the cybersecurity industry is moving forward with their efforts to strengthen security and provide solutions for some cybersecurity problems. So far, software-defined technology is emerging w hich makes it easier to implement tight encryptions and security protocols at a cheaper cost.

However, this alone is not enough to tighten security. Manufacturers of these devices must also stop thinking of their products as mere commodities but begin to offer security features. These security features, however, should provide real and practical benefits to the consumer. If this happens, then consumers are willing to pay the high price tag that comes with these features.

The government must also begin to put premium on cybersecurity and include them in their security agenda. Aside from that, they have to be aware of the rising threat of cybercrimes and take appropriate actions against it.

Finally, the public should also educate themselves how to protect themselves against such threats and risks. People have to be aware of the implications of their actions and give careful thought to every online activity they make as well as what kind of data they put in their IoT devices.

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