These IoT Devices Should Not Exist At All


The year 2017 will be the year of the Internet of Things, where almost all devices are connected with each other to supposedly make life much easier. While we will see some fabulous devices this year, there will also be those that will make you scratch your head and wonder why they are ever created at all. Here are some IoT devices that shouldn't have been created at all.

The Toaster That Can Text

We love Samsung's smart refrigerator as it reminds us whether the food inside is nearing its expiry date or we need to replenish our groceries. The camera which allows you to take a peek inside without opening the door might still seem over-the-top but still bearable.

Enter Toasteroid, a toaster that allows you to put any design on your toast. Now, who needs design on their toast, right? If you think that's weird, how about this: it can also send text messages to your friends.

The Smart Rectal Thermometer

This one is suffering from "too much information." Once you've taken your temperature using this device, it will automatically download your temperature to its accompanying app. Would you like to share this to your friends over dinner?

The Egg Minder

Would you like to know when your eggs inside your refrigerator will expire? Or would you like to know what your eggs are up to when you fall asleep? If there is an awards ceremony for the worst IoT device, this egg reminder and the smart rectal thermometer will have a neck-to-neck race.

Be Social With Your Mirror

This smart mirror lets you monitor your tweets as well as the weather and time as you look at yourself. Receiving the weather report and checking your tweets from your phone, tablet, or watch is okay but to do this on every conceivable device you have at home is a little strange.

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