Qualcomm Chief: Forget About 4G , Look Forward And Get Ready For 5G


Forget about 4G. This is what Qualcomm chief Stephen Mollenkopf told the audience during his keynote speech at the CES 2017 event. That is because 2017 will be the start of the 5G era.

Qualcomm is intent on ushering the world into the 5G era. However, Mollenkopf said that bringing the 5G into being isn't just about speed but about connectivity. In short, 5G will make the Internet of Things more efficient because of the speed it provides.

Just in case you cannot imagine, 5G will allow people to live stream VR, allow devices to talk to each other anywhere in the world, and driverless cars responding to real-time conditions. Mollenkopf said that 5G will bring all kinds of devices together with remarkable speed, efficiency, and complexity.

He also added that 5G will also have a latency which is as low as 1 millisecond. If latency reaches this, real-time VR and driverless cars will be as common as watching your favorite movie now on your smartphone.

How will Qualcomm do this?

Through Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 chip and Snapdragon Flight development platform. The 835 chip will make real-time VR possible making your next VR movie as clear as the noonday sun. Therefore, the next time you watch the NBA finals in VR, it will have be clearer as the 4K resolution you have for your games on the PS4 Pro.

Meanwhile, its Snapdragon Flight program is a microchip that is much lighter than an AAA battery. This is the chip that goes inside the drones giving them the capability to survey their surroundings without any external aid. With the coming of 5G, these drones will become your newest emergency responders.

Mollenkopf might be right after all because we already have the devices and technology. All we need is the wireless connectivity that will make all of these ideas real and these devices utilized to their maximum capacity.

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