Apple Watch 3 Killer Features: Can Charge While Being Worn and Will Have Always-On Display


Apple is planning big things for their new smartwatch. Speculations claimed that the wearable device will have an improved battery life and a portable charger that works even if the smartwatch is being worn.

The claim about Apple Watch 3's improved battery life came from Chinese media Economic Daily News last month via Digitimes. The second-generation model is already equipped with better battery than the original iteration, so this speculation is highly possible.

That's not the only feat expected from the better battery pack of the smartwatch. According to 9 to 5 Mac, it's possible that Apple will introduce the longer use of the wearable device between charges. Perhaps the tech giant can make charging every two or three days happen instead of every day.

The Apple Watch 3 could also have an always-on display. The previous models' raise-to-wake detection is fine, but some users will still prefer reading time without displaying animations and the rest of the device's face. Having an always-on display is more practical and requires less time and effort.

It was reported last year that Apple is working on new sleep tracking and fitness apps for future Apple Watch models, Bloomberg reported. The wearable device's advanced heart rate app can measure fitness by examining how long it takes for a heartbeat to reach resting rate from a peak. The HealthKit and the Health app are said to undergo expansions, too.

Built-in sleep tracking is also being planned for Apple's next smartwatch. Users can download watchOS apps on the App Store such as AutoSleep, but Apple is yet to introduce their own app for this purpose.

There are expectations that the next Apple Watch will have cellular connectivity. With this feature, streaming songs on Apple Music and sending and receiving iMessages can be done on the wearable without relying on iPhone.

Apple is currently investigating a portable Apple Watch charger that provides juice to the device even when it's worn. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent titled "Charging apparatus for wearable electronic device" this week.

Apple will use an inductive power transfer component or coil to transmit power to the smartwatch. The battery pack's charging plate will have magnets to align the inductive coils. There are also plans to charge the device via Lightning connector, USB, mini-USB or some sort of hard-wired interface.

The revamped battery pack will be hidden under the device's band or its chassis. With this design, the smartwatch's sensitive internal parts are protected and its appearance is more pleasing to the eyes.

What do you wish to see in Apple Watch 3 than the ones mentioned above? Share your thoughts below!

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