$5B-Worth Apple Campus 2 Is Inspired From Apple Products; Intense Scrutiny Led To Delays


Apple is not joking around in the construction of their new headquarters. The structure, which costs around $5 billion to construct, aims to be futuristic and spaceship-like. Every aspect of Apple Campus 2 - from the biggest to the tiniest and hidden details such as mechanical and ventilation systems - is undergoing scrutiny.

The meticulousness surrounding the campus is akin to the late Steve Jobs' work ethic. The structure's design was also one of the last projects that Jobs worked on prior to his death.

The main building's ceiling will contain custom polished concrete panels, which passed two inspections from Apple's team, Reuters reported. The first one was in the shop and the second occurred on-site before the panels were installed.

The tech giant's extreme focused on details sometimes go against construction realities. For instance, Apple rejected the design of door handles in offices and conference rooms, saying that they detected slight bumps in the sample.

The construction team, on the other hand, argued that they double-checked the measurements Apple demanded, though the Cupertino-based company still hungers for another version that will suit their palate. Apple's obsession with the door handle's design lasted for more than a year.

Construction projects' usually has a maximum of 1/8th of an inch, but Apple demands numbers lower than that. German de la Torre, a former architect on the project, said that "you would never design to that level of tolerance on a building" if you don't want jammed doors.

Apple takes their employees' workflow into great consideration in Apple Campus 2's design. In another example, the company wants the structure's doorways to be "perfectly flat, with no threshold" because they believe that the slight gait adjustment to walk through that kind of door can disrupt an employee's work process.

De la Torre revealed that the architectural design of the structure is inspired by Apple's products. The elevator buttons, for instance, are curved just like what consumers see in the company's popular products.

Even the exit signs didn't escape scrutiny. Apple wants the building's signage to show the company's sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The Santa Clara County Fire Department, however, opposed this to ensure that the structure can provide swift navigation in the event of a fire or some other emergency.

The dedication to Apple Campus 2 led to a "domino effect," meaning the project's other parts remained on hold as these minuscule details are being straightened out. The structure is expected to be completed in spring 2017.

Apple said that the site will have 3,000 trees, according to Macworld. Employees will work on 500 18-foot tables, which discourage an office-like environment and instead facilitate an open work space.

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