Survive Being Single In College On Valentine’s Day And Great Dating Ideas For Couples


Already thinking about Valentine's Day? With the event barely less than a week away, college and university students are most likely struggling how to survive Valentine's Day.

Here are some tips and ideas for both singles and couples when it comes to dating and surviving the day of hearts:

Surviving Valentine's Day If Single:

 1. Instead of spending Valentine's moping around, go to the gym and exercise. Get those veins pumping with positive energy.

2. When experiencing anxiety, it is best to stay away from all social media platforms and couples, as reported by College Magazine. Do not attempt to scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds. Defy the odds and instead of dating other people, date yourself or your cat or dog. Go ahead and get yourself a treat. Buy a new pair of shoes or do something nice for the people you care about. Buy your bestie flowers.

3. Go on a singles day! Go out with other singles and achieve squad goals. Surround yourself with like minded people and watch some horror movies, even.

4. Or play Gears of War 4 with two new maps. Check out this video below:

5. Or just pretend that is is just another regular day and be happy for everyone else who are in a relationship. Positive vibes all around helps!

Spending Valentine's Day As A Couple:

1. Who does not love a food date? Going on a chocolate tour, a pizza tour, or a wine tour can be romantic and fun.

2. Going on a luxury movie date is not a bad idea. There are luxury theaters in several cities that have specialty menus and reclining chairs, as featured by Spoon University.

3. If the significant other has a specific major you can bank on, why not do something in the field of interest. Go star gazing at the local observatory or take a trip to the marine park.

4. Find a free campus activity. Because if you are on a college student budget, it does not hurt.

5. Stay in doors, Netflix and cook some steak or roast. A roast is definitely a romantic centerpiece.

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