Elon Musk’s Boring Tunnel May Affect Environmental Laws, Says UCLA Planning Student


When Elon Musk says he wants to fix something, he is definitely on it. Last year, the tech founder complains of how the traffic in the city is unbearable. Here comes Elon Musk's boring tunnel idea. And in order to get through the issue and maybe solve the congestion problem, Elon Musk looks to tunnels. It seems the traffic in Los Angeles back in December is the last straw.

To ease traffic, the tech billionaire wants to start digging a hole in the ground and build a tunnel boring machine. And it looks like preparations are under way. His recent tweet shows a tease of what is to come. Elon Musk's 'boring tunnel' is happening with a tunnel boring machine test. Reports indicate that there is already a large trench near the SpaceX Hawthorne headquarters.

In addition, he captions another post with a description: 26 feet diameter tunnel running 2 miles under D.C., as reported by the Daily Caller.

What started out as a Twitter rant turned into something realistic when he silences all doubts after he posted that he is actually going to do it. With the Hyperloop competition finished for the year, Elon Musk's boring tunnel may be the next big thing. While he is known for getting his ideas off the ground, however, there are concerns to his plan.

Building a network of tunnels under Los Angeles is a big feat. Musk's plan to place 10 to 30 layers of tunnels may have challenges. Digging under cities takes a lot of time and resources because the ground below is poorly mapped plus with the weight of buildings above. According to Michael Manville, a University of California, Los Angeles undergraduate that is currently studying urban planning, says that there are environmental laws involved. In addition, Manville says no one never knows what is under the Earth, as reported by The Marshall Town.

The SpaceX founder has not responded to these concerns just yet but one thing is certain, Elon Musks's boring tunnel plan is moving. RT America is also covering the news in the video below:

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