University Of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Phi Gamma Delta Frat Gets Suspension For Sexual Harassment Comments


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently finds the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at fault for committing indecent behaviors and acts during the January 21 Women's March in Lincoln.

According to witnesses, the Phi Gamma Delta frat shouted sexually harassing comments at the participants of the Women's March. But PGD denies the allegations and points out that the internal investigation lead by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials have no proof.

While the investigation is on-going, the fraternity is placed in temporary suspension. The investigation is known as FIJI, as reported by the Lincoln Journal Star. The investigation cites that the frat group has a pattern of behavior that violates the university's Student Code of Conduct. Violations listed under the fraternity include reckless alcohol use by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity members.

Juan Franco, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln vice chancellor for student affairs, says that the issue has attracted public attention which is why the university is looking into the behavioral conduct exhibited by the group during the Women's March. Franco stresses that the issue requires their immediate action and attention, as reported by the Omaha World Herald.

Since the investigation has not resolved the issue yet, the suspension means that the group will not be recognized as a Greek organization by the university and will not be affiliated with the school's fraternity life. However, freshmen can continue to live in the fraternity house.

The specifics of the accusations include shouting lewd comments with the fraternity members yelling "No means yes" as a retort to the Women's March's chant of "No means no, not maybe." Other witnesses claim that roughly 20 members of Phi Gamma Delta were in the house and lobby during the march and they were not yelling out lewd comments.

As of today, there are no other updates on the investigation done by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the temporary suspension still stands.

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