AMD Has Reportedly Withdraw GPUs from Intel Kaby Lake Chipsets; Intel Offers Hyper-Threaded Core i5 to Combat AMD Ryzen


It seems like AMD Ryzen could bring back those glorious days when its predecessor Athlon and its toughest rival Intel Pentium have been battling for being the best CPU of their time. Rumors suggest that AMD's upcoming CPU poses a threat to Intel Kaby Lake; thus, they are rumored to release a hyper-threaded Core i5. Find out the truth here about AMD's GPU withdrawal from Intel Kaby Lake chipsets!

Intel Kaby Lake Chipsets Won't Have AMD GPUs

Intel and AMD's professional relationship has reportedly been tainted because of the threat that AMD Ryzen CPU poses that could possibly bury the Kaby Lake. For this reason, AMD has been rumored to have withdrawn all GPUs to be integrated with Intel's 7th generation processor.

However, this claim has been refuted by Kyle Bennett the editor-in-chief of HardOCP by saying that AMD and Intel are working together for a Kaby Lake processor variant that is categorized under entry to mid-level performance. This processor variant will be called MCM or multi-chip-module and is slated to hit the store shelves before the end of 2017, PC GamesN reported.

Intel and AMD working relationship is expected to last for so many years. In fact, the spirit of togetherness has been apparent to the 97 percent of technology companies to oppose in a legal way the latest immigration policy of the US President.

What Did Intel Do to Combat AMD Ryzen CPU?

Intel has reportedly making interesting moves that are likely to be the result of their fear from AMD's upcoming CPU. According to Forbes, price drops and hyper-threading are included in Intel's plan to combat the Ryzen.

First, aside from the 200MHz boost in frequency for Core i5-7640K, reports claim that it will also feature hyper-threading when Intel traditionally offers it to Core i7-K series. Second, the integration of Core i7 CPU and Core i7-7740K which resulted to a speed increase and lastly, price drops for Intel CPUs such as Core i5-7600K that now costs below $200 from the original price of $240.

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