Hack Converts Wii U into a Nintendo Swith; Here’s How to Do It [VIDEO]


While everyone is waiting for the release of Nintendo Switch nxt month, other players who can't wait to hold the new console have discovered a hack that allows them to play games just like in NS. Here's everything you need to know about these amazing Wii U hack!

Converting Wii U into Nintendo Switch

It is a common knowledge to everyone that Wii U is a predecessor of Nintendo Switch and thus, the two consoles have presumed to be sharing the same features. For this reason, a hack has been discovered to be able to get hold of the newest gaming console while waiting for its release date through its sibling.

To start with, Nintendo Switch handheld mode can be attain through Wii U although the latter has a chunkier gamepad compared to the former. Since the two has the same screen size which 6.2-inches, Wii U can be converted into handheld mode while playing Mario Kart 8 or Breath of the Wild while freeing up the TV according to T3.

On the other hand, Nintendo Switch tabletop mode can be achieved through purchasing a charging dock for Wii U that usually costs around $10. Tabletop mode comes in when Wii U plugs to the charging dock and put the GamePad on top of the dock. Watch the video below for more details!

Nintendo Switch Bridges the Gap Between Cultures

One interesting thing about the Nintendo Switch is its purpose of bridging the gap between cultures. For example, its normal for the kids in Japan to bring their DS and 3DS to school so that when they go home together with other kids, they would play while walking home together.

On the other hand, the kids in the United States have different cultures and it said to because they have a lot of things to do at home. According to Time, it is the company's main goal to make video games a natural thing for the kids in accordance to the guidance and approval from the parents. 

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