New Moto Z Mods 2017 Will Make a Drunk Person Go Home Safely [DETAILS]


The modular Moto Z of Motorala is the most favorite phone to use during hackathon events. And for this reason, new moto mods for 2017 have been discovered by the hackers including the one that will make a drunk person to arrive safe at home. See full details here for the new Moto Mods and others as well!

Health-Related Moto Mods Have Discovered

Last December's hackathon has produced the following Moto Mods: gamepad, beauty device and audio conventer. But for this year's event which was held in New York, San Francisco, newly discovered Moto Mods for Moto Z are mostly health-related.

Simple Syrup and Baby Care are among the newly discovered health-related Moto Mods has the following functionalities: to read blood glucose for diabetic patients and offers alerts for sleeping babies including temperatures. However, according to Engadget, the most notable discovery is the one from the team of high-school kids who come up with a Moto Mod which they called ModCoholic.

Accordingly, ModCoholic is breathalyzer mod which allows a drunk person to grab a taxi for home when is he drunk beyond the legal limit. According to Engagdet, the team who discovered the said Moto Mods has received an Honorable Mention for their submission together with the hackers for the first two mentioned health-related mods.

What Will Happened to the Newly Discovered Mods?

As per tradition, the winning teams from the hackathon venues New York, India and Buenos Aires will be sent to the headquarters of Motorola located in Chicago to present their ideas to industry leaders. If the idea appeals good, Lenovo Capital is likely to invest and fund the promising concepts and will be feature in the Motorola phones in the near future, according to Digital Trends.

To boost Moto Mod development, Motorola is reportedly engaging to this kind of activity and last year, they launched the Transform the Smartphone Challenge. And the next hackathon even is said to take place in Shenzhen, China in mid-March.

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