US Travel Ban Hampers Scientific Collaboration, Scientists Say


The US government has just announced a ban on citizens of several countries and people with dual nationalities. The ban covered citizens from Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Even if these people have dual citizenship, the ban will still be imposed.

The ban is expected to have a negative impact on research and health care in the US. Scientists from Iran and Iraq were the most affected. Every year, a big number of Iranians and Iraqis come to the US to study and do research at the same time, according to STAT.

Scientists who were supposed to come to the United States for collaborative research studies cannot come anymore. This can hurt the United States, which has been relying much on the sharing of ideas with scientists from other parts of the world.

Several scientists from outside of the United States decided to help those affected by the ban. In Canada, these scientists were offered space in the laboratory. They can continue working on their experiments until the time that they would be allowed to go back to the US, according to ABC News.

This move provided relief to the scientists because they can continue their experiments even if they were outside of US. However, those graduating students who had to spend their time in another country while enrolled in a US school might not be able to go back for their graduation.

This could be a big blow to students who dreamt of graduating from a US school. They would not be the only ones affected. Their parents back home would be disappointed as well.

Big companies reacted to the ban in favor to the employees. These companies are global in nature. They respect diversity among their human resource, according to Fortune.

Collaborating with scientists from the seven banned countries had resulted to breakthroughs that benefited mankind. If they cannot stay in the US, other countries would be eager to take them.

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