One Out Of Four College Graduates Are Overqualified For Their Jobs According To Study


There are several topics and discussions about whether pursuing college education is worth it or if it really pays off. These have led to an analysis by a labor economist to find out the real disconnect between the value of a four year degree to landing good jobs.

According to a new study, one out of four workers with a bachelor's degree is overqualified for their jobs, although this is significantly lower compared to the results of previous studies, particularly the 2013 study reported by USA Today.

Stephen Rose, the labor economist who wrote the study for the left-leaning Urban Institute tackled the subject with some findings that college degree really pays off. He said that if it is a good thing to earn a bachelor's degree, then it is no question that bachelor's degree holders are doing well, according to Money.

So what he did was to develop a new method in order to identify which jobs can qualify as good paying jobs for those that have earned a college degree. He focused on the jobs with the rate of bachelor-degree holders higher than most of the population, and also looked into the earnings and the jobs that offer a salary which is near or above median for college graduates. He did a separate evaluation between male and female workers because they had different earnings.

The study found that indeed, there are evidences showing that recent graduates today are going through much more difficult times compared to the graduates before the Great Recession. Rose's research also implies that regardless of the status of the economy, the over qualification rate is significantly high for those who just graduated from college and are still in their early 20's.

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