Biggest Career Mistakes College Graduates Should Avoid Making


Searching for your first job right after graduation can be an exciting and stressful. No matter how daunting it feels to be finally facing the real world, it is very exciting to think that you are finally making the first steps towards reaching your dreams and achieving success.

While some graduates choose to continue their studies and pursue post-graduate courses, many prefer to start their career right away. However, the journey is never easy and it can be more challenging than expected. In order to make sure you start on the right foot, here are some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid.

Fresh grads come in prepared academically but lack experience

According to Forbes, many college graduates step into companies with impressive resumes and impressive academic records but lack experience.They are just stuck on computer screens or at their desk, and do not even go around and expose themselves to what is really happening in the company. What they should do instead is to be proactive and learn more about the company they are finally working for, how they exactly do things, and how they can contribute.

Loving the company instead of the job

This is another huge mistake a college grad can make - to think that getting into their dream company can give them the role that fits them perfectly. According to Fortune, you should not be sacrificing the opportunities and the learning you can get from an amazing role in a company for the sake of branding of another employer.

Believing that your boss has the answer to everything

One of the lessons you should learn as early as now is that your boss does not have the solution to everything. They are also human and they make mistakes. Yes, you are supposed to obey and respect them but it does not mean that they are right at all times. They can also make wrong business decisions and that is why they need other people too in the company, because they cannot run it on their own.

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