Indiana University’s E-Textbook Model: A Valuable Initiative For Both Students and Publishers


The initiative of Indiana University on eText is rapidly becoming the fastest go-to method for students to purchase their textbooks and other course materials, and serves both the students and publishers by saving on student cost and ensuring that publishers get paid for their content.

This strategy is brought about by the ongoing shift to digital platform and the push to continue lowering down the cost of college education, EdTech reported. This paved the way for Indiana University to come up with a digital trend with its systemwide eTexts initiative, which was launched in September 2011.

This is one of the ways by which publishers can help students save money and at the same time establish stable revenues by giving them inclusive access to the digital materials which are funded by fees included in student material fees, according to Education Dive.

Here is how it works:

The faculty can select eTexts from one of the contracted publishers and then faculty and students can access the chosen eTexts using an e-reader software. The students who are enrolled to IU get to receive digital access to the required course and it comes with a charge, and they are given the option to pay for a printed copy and have it delivered on the first day of class. They can also access the material using multiple devices while they are enrolled in the university.

The IU eText model is indeed a win-win situation for both students and publishers. Students get to save money for their materials and faculty can ensure students have the access to all the tools they need for learning and teaching; and then authors and publishers can be guaranteed that they get paid for the use of their content.

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