Rob Lowe Is Hiring A Personal Assistant, Actor Explains Job Advertisement [VIDEO]


Rob Lowe is known for his films and television series roles since the 1980's. Inspite the fame, celebrities like him also need help. Sometimes it takes a village to keep a celebrity well groomed and maintained. From the hair to the make-up to the clothes. Taylor Swift for example has her own squad and Ellen DeGeneres also has her own personal assistant. Someone to schedule everything and anything.

Which is why it is not a strange thing to hear when Rob Lowe is hiring a personal assistant. Rob Lowe has recently put out a job advertisement for a personal assistant.

And the job description sheds light on how Rob Lowe has maintained his eternally handsome looks, as reported by Maxim. With an annual salary of $70,000 plus benefits, it is not a bad start. The personal assistant also gets access to "The West Wing" and "Parks and Recreation."

For those who are interested to jump in on the opportunity, the job description calls for the candidate to never assume anything. Second, the client (Rob Lowe) should always be fed with food and coffee. In addition, the personal assistant should ensure that Rob gets his haircuts done for every episode and that upon his arrival at home, a dinner is prepared if her arrives late. Also, the P.A. has to say goodbye to his personal life as he needs to be willing to travel on location.

Rob Lowe especially laughs at the part where the P.A. needs to lift 25 pounds and most of the parts the ad cites is something he likes. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he claims that he did not post an ad for a personal assistant. Rob Lowe's team denies any employment post with the star. However, Kimmel promises to find him a candidate that is fit for the job, as reported by WINA.

In any case, for those who want to make their break in the industry, this could be a sneak peek of a personal assistant's job.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel tease Rob Lowe in the clip below:

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