MacBook Pro 2017 Will Possibly Use Apple ARM Chip to Improve Battery Life

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Although it is not yet confirmed that Apple is totally ditching out Intel processors, recent reports suggest that the 2017 iteration of MacBook Pros will turn out to be ARM-based chip just like the iPads and iPhones. Find out the truth here!

Apple Switch to ARM Chips for Low-Power Tasks on 2017 MacBook Pros

The 2017 iteration of MacBook Pro is likely to be the first one to become ARM-based chip the ones that are used in iPhones and iPads. According to 9 to 5 Mac, the low-power tasks in the portable machines usually rely on Intel processors and there is a high possibility for Apple to resort on their proprietary chipsets for dedicated tasks that could contribute to the preservation of battery life such as background app activity.

In relative to that, recent report suggests the existence of the said ARM chips. Accordingly, the 2017 iteration of MacBook Pro is likely to have a new power functionality which is called "Power Nap" which might be associated to new Apple chipsets with codename T310 that is expected to handle low-power mode functionality.

Checking for e-mails and installing updates are basic examples of low-power tasks which will be done even if the computer is asleep through the ARM chips. The Touch Bar feature of the 2016 model of MacBook Pro also uses the same chip.

Apple Might Not Ditch Out Intel Processors

Apple is reportedly rebuilding the ARM chips as of the moment and might not make it on time for the release date of MacBook Pro 2017. According to The Verge, the tech giant is likely not to ditch out Intel processors, instead they will be using it together with ARM chips to get the benefits of both chipsets.

In addition, Apple is seemingly not focusing on the "Sleep Mode" of the laptop but to its "Standby Mode" because nobody wants to leave their MacBook Pros unplugged when they sleep during the night. Nevertheless, this is considered as an interesting move from the tech giant.  

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