Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs, Features: Surface Pro 5 Reportedly Launches In spring; Surface Pro 5 Expected Specs, Features [VIDEO]


Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5 is one of the highly-anticipated devices in 2017. A number of Surface devices are expected to roll out in 2017, such as the Surface Phone. Nonetheless, the Surface Pro 5 reportedly will be released in spring 2017, as the device will correspond with the Windows 10 Creators Update release.

As Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5 will see daylight in spring 2017, tech fans are expecting huge things from the device mainly because Microsoft skipped any Surface Pro 4 upgrade. While Microsoft is offering the Surface Pro 4 at great discounts, tech critics speculated that the Surface Pro 5 will launch soon.

Nevertheless, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to come along with the Intel Kaby Lake architecture, as the processor is now up for grabs and it offers a graphics improvement and a considerable speed. Wherein, the Kaby Lake chipsets will overcome the device's biggest drawback, the Surface Pro's battery, according to Forbes.

The Surface Pro 5's ability to link with mobile devices is one of the features that the Redmond, Washington based tech giant is keen on developing. This feature will deal with the issue that the previous models of the Surface Pro had with hotspot connectivity and tethering. This will ensure that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 users can always stay connected to the Internet, according to Express.

Rumor has it that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have a 4K resolution display screen, as well as a stylus charging port. Also, the device will be packed with more advanced camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In spite of that, the tech company has yet to announce if the upcoming device is under development. Nonetheless, tech fans should also consider that the tech giant has never seized to amaze their fans. Thus, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is inevitable.

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