University Of Southern California Student Inspires ‘We Gon Be Alright 2017’

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After the presidential election last year, the world saw that Donald Trump is going to take his seat at the Oval Office in 2017. Many took this as the icing on the cake with what was considerably, for many, a bad year.

The year 2016 did not only broadcast news of celebrity deaths but it also spells what many fear for 2017. Which is why a student named Jane Li believes that everything is going to be alright regardless of the thought that 2016 was the worst year ever.

Jane Li is a University of Southern California student who created a crowd funding campaign titled "We Gon Be Alright 2017," as reported by USA Today College. This is her personal belief and she wants to share her belief to the world. Particularly, she wants to inspire those who are experiencing distress because of the social and political issues surrounding them.

"We Gon Be Alright" may sound familiar if one is a fan of Kendrick Lamar's song "Alright," but according to Li, it is not named after his song. But it is also about hope, just like the song. Watch the official VEVO video below.

She majors in arts, technology and business. She is reportedly part of the inaugural class at the Jimmy Lovine and Andrew Young Academy at USC. By selling stickers that states "We Gon Be Alright," her goal is to remind people to remain optimistic and know that there is hope regardless of the situation, as shown in Generosity. Proceeds from her stickers will benefit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Li points out that the results from the presidential campaign to the many celebrity deaths of 2016 disappointed many. These were the same issues that prompted her to create the "We Gon Be Alright 2017" campaign. She hopes that her sticker will set a positive tone for 2017. Through crowd funding, she sets the minimum at $500. Already the campaign has received $466 in just less than a month.

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