Why College Students Should Understand The Importantance Entrepreneurship


A 2012 study found that 49% of millennials aging 16 to 24 have a strong desire to set up their own business with the primary reason that they do not want to work for someone else. This is indeed a viable career path which is why it is important to provide young people with early experience enterprise to get a real taste of entrepreneurship.

According to Times Higher Education, entrepreneurial skill set is something that enables an individual to be a catalyst for progress, whether he is inside or outside an organization. It is a skill set that cannot be learned over night because it is best developed through experience, which is why aside from entrepreneurial classes, more resources and energy should be devoted to creating and formation of entrepreneurial environments in educational institutions.

However, in colleges and universities where such things do not exist yet, it is important that strong administrative and student goals are established. When this happens, more students with passion for business will be encouraged and equipped and a core team that will lead initiatives necessary to achieve certain goals will be created.

Entrepreneurship education can be beneficial to all students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, according to Entrepreneur, because it encourages students to be able to think outside of the box and encourages eccentric talents and skills. While schools cannot teach these skills directly, they can provide the kind of environment that will help students get a hands on experience and projects.

The goal is to create and expand communities of learners with entrepreneurial skills that await to be awakened and utilized to make their mark and create positive change in the world. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the opportunity; opportunities for the group of thinkers and entrepreneurs to address the world's most pressing problems.

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