Manage Stress In College By Fostering, Adopting And Hugging Dogs


Stress can be difficult to manage. And everyone experiences stress at different levels. Stress can happen at home or even at work. For college students, stress can come in different forms as well. While many may think that going to college is exciting, it can also be quite difficult. The stress of previous years at a university, according to students and teachers, is nothing compared to today's environment.

Which is why a study from Ohio State University says that having a pet can help ease the tension, as reported by Ozarks First. A pet can help with depression, and other forms of mental health concerns, as well as physical health.

Through Rescue One, college students can now de-stress using the comfort of dogs. Rescue One is a small organization that has reached out to college students to become foster dog-parents. According to a senior from Missouri State, dogs act as a form of therapy.

Students can be sitting in the corner and feel like they have huge problems. Until a dog comes along and just comforts the person. Dogs offer kisses, hugs and warmth to those who need it. And at the same time, these dogs find a home. But their homes are only temporary. The students are mainly taking care of them temporarily until they can find a home for them.

Managing stress through dogs can be quite therapeutic, as reported by Noozhawk. Missouri State is not the only school that uses dogs as a form of therapy. College and high schools are even opening up wellness connection clubs after finding out that pet interaction decreases the level of stress and increasing endorphin.

And these days it is not just about managing stress. It can lead to mental health issues. Which is why wellness center and health organizations are helping remove the stigma surrounding the issue.

Watch The Dallas Morning News for more information on dog therapies in different colleges:

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