Internship At SpaceX: Tips On How To Get That Spot In The Internship Program


It is that time of the year once again when college and university students are searching for an internship job that can boost their resume and give the necessary experience for their inevitable career paths. Which is why most technology and science undergraduates are considering to intern at SpaceX.

How can one become a successful intern at SpaceX? One person shares his knowledge to those who are looking to join the tech company.

The biggest advice Skyler Shuford, a former intern at SpaceX, can give is to prove that the applicant is a problem solver, as reported by Forbes. How can an applicant show that? Here are some tips that can help applicants prepare for that much wanted internship.

Demonstrate initiative

Shuford's own resume was weak when it comes to applied control theory. To boost it, he built a quadcopter from scratch. From a hiring perspective, it shows that he is willing to seek knowledge in areas that he is not knowledgeable on, as featured in Quora.

Talk the talk

An intern should be able to understand the jargon involved. During interviews, the applicant should know the fundamentals.

Start Springtime

Summer internships receive a lot of intern traffic. It is much easier to look at spring and fall internships instead. They are longer but less competitive. Which means more time for research and experience.

Leadership experience, a must

Interns must show that they can manage the responsibility of the job and can work with a team. Sometimes, some interns are given a leadership position.

Previous internship experience is a plus

It does not hurt to get some additional internship experience prior to applying at SpaceX.

Studying at a recognized institution

The school name does not matter but it does give a little extra attention. And having a GPA above 3.0 is helpful.

Go to where you are good at

Apply for a position that is best but prepare to be assigned in a different expertise.

Follow seven SpaceX interns through their work days at four different SpaceX locations in the video below:

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