What 'AT&T International Day Pass' Means For Travellers


Planning to go on a long vacation? AT&T, Inc. has now made it easier - and yes, more affordable - for users to stay connected with their loved ones, even if they are enjoying a vacation somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean via the new "AT&T International Day Pass".

The "AT&T International Day Pass" is primarily meant for those who travel a lot, but have difficulty connecting with their family and friends while on-the-go. Set to be officially released this Friday, the International Day Pass allows one to call and text anyone all they want for only $10 per device and within a 24-hour range from anywhere in the world under AT&T's coverage. This includes popular tourist destinations such as France, China, or the Bahamas, as posted by AT&T, Inc. on their official website just yesterday.

Furthermore, the "AT&T International Day Pass" is not just limited to calling and texting. As AT&T Group's Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher has mentioned in the same post on their official website yesterday, this new feature, especially for those who have existing AT&T domestic subscriber plans, also allow people on-the-go to enjoy their mobile applications, which ultimately helps them to perform tasks related to their travels such as booking flights and hotel rooms, navigating through a city map, and more.

Further detailed on PCMag however, it is highly recommended for users to pick up unlocked smartphones or use international SIM cards before availing this new feature. The company is apparently authorized to cancel out the "AT&T International Day Pass" when a subscriber exceeds half of his/her monthly allotted call, text, and data use within two succeeding months.

Terms, fees, and restrictions on any other type of AT&T's domestic subscriber plans, which includes the Stream Saver feature, also apply for the new International Day Pass feature.

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