'Microsoft' CEO Satya Nadella Will Slay 'Starbucks' Competitors If Accepted As Director


Starbucks nominated three of today's most inspiring people in the world for their Board of Directors just this week and here are some reasons why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is one of them.

According to a post last Tuesday on Starbucks' official website, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's nomination as part of SB's Board of Directors is simply because of what he will bring to the table: a game-changing experience with his knowledge and skills in technology - using it to provide valuable insights when it comes to operations and distributions, as well as developing the business to greater heights.

We also cannot deny the fact that Microsoft was stuck in the rut for years; their very own Windows line of products was almost left out in the advent of smartphones and the ever-growing, intense competition between renowned phone handset makers such as Apple (iPhone) and Samsung (Android). But ever since Satya Nadella took over, the company was able to turn things around positively - making them one of the key players once again in the technology industry, most specifically, when it comes to PCs and cloud computing, as they released the full version of Windows 10 operating system last year.

According to Business Insider, it was because of Nadella "revitalizing" and "reinvigorating" the company and its culture to promote growth. His one secret to making this kind of success happen? Not allowing status quo within the organization.

For example, Microsoft has always been branded as only a manufacturer of Windows operating system where their growth is measured through the number of PCs and servers their OS are installed in. But now, they are also known for cloud services where their growth is measured through the consumed online storage capacity when using other Windows products such as Microsoft Azure or Office 365.

Nadella also added that while it was a big change for Microsoft, he had to do it in order for the company to stay more focused on other important things, as well as offer solutions to problems head-on. Indeed, he deserves to become one of the next Starbucks directors.

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