Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Update: 4 Never-Before-Seen Features to Arrive in 2H 2017


Samsung just announced that it will launch Galaxy Note 8 and following up the Note 7 debacle - the company promises that better things are coming to the flagship iteration.

Here are the features that consumers can expect to see in Galaxy Note 8

1. Bixby Vision

AI is the future of technology and it is clear that Samsung is heading towards the right path. After acquiring Viv, Samsung could be launching its very-own digital assistant named Bixby. The AI is said to have a dedicated button with the abilities for visual searches and text recognition.  Aside from the rumored Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 will also feature the virtual assistant, according to Pocket-Lint.

2. 4K display with Snapdragon 835

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has 4K display but the flagship rocks 810 series under the hood. Qualcomm just launched the 835 Soc and it's got every requirement to run VR apps.

3. Foldable screen

Aside from the storage and RAM gains, Samsung reportedly plans on a foldable OLED display for its future flagship. However, there's only little information to dig, as to which device that will sport the revolutionary design. Numerous reports have claimed that it could be part of Galaxy Note 8 radical changes.

4. A much better (and safer) battery quality

Samsung implements new set of standards to ensure the quality of its batteries. Forbes reported that this new inspection system includes 8 safety tests that must be followed. That being the case, once Galaxy Note 8 is in the market, it will have been ensured of its quality and safety.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Reports have speculated that Samsung will release Galaxy Note 8 on the second half of 2017.

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