Galaxy Note 8, Foldable Galaxy X: Samsung Phones Reportedly Set for Q3 2017 Release


While a recent Samsung patent suggests a foldable book-like device, a new report suggests that the foldable phone Galaxy X may be ready to launch in Q3 2017.

Samsung foldable display patent

Samsung foldable display patent has just been leaked and it looks like nothing before. The patent filing shows and describes how the flexible display works. According to Android Authority, it can be 'rolled like a newspaper' and features single curved edge.

What's foldable includes the display, controller and touch panel. In addition to that, Samsung will also include biometric authentication on the scrollable device. While many have assumed that this could be the patent used for the foldable Galaxy X, the filing explains that it can also be for mobile TV or navigation device.

Galaxy Note 8 and Foldable Galaxy X are set for Q3 2017, according to reports

After the leaked of a couple patents, a recent report indicates that the foldable Galaxy X might be ready for a launch this year. GSM Arena has noted that the device codenamed Project Valley will come with 4K display and as per Weibo post, it will be introduced in Q3 or Q4 2017.

With that being said, Samsung foldable phone could be released simultaneously with Galaxy Note 8. Both premium handsets could be unveiled at a press event the way Samsung did with its Galaxy Note 7. And the colliding launch seems to make sense since it may take some time for consumers to be familiar with a totally different device.

Samsung smartphones feast

If the rumors on Galaxy S8, Note 8 and the foldable Galaxy X are to be believed, Samsung fans can expect an exciting year as the company presents the three on the table.

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