College Food Can Now Be Costly As Meal Plans Are Getting Higher


There is in fact ease and convenience in purchasing food. Especially in today's fast-paced world, millions of people are preferring ready-made meals or food-to-go. Universities and schools also do the same with their dining halls.

College and university students are always on the go with classes and other activities on campus. With dining hall meals in the area, it is easy to grab some grub on campus.

At some universities, the school's dining hall meals are not cheap, as reported by Business Insider. The publication describes it as shockingly expensive. Meal plans and dining hall fees can cost undergraduate students at an average of $7.50 per meal. At that rate, students are taking in a 19-meal-per-week plan and would total by the end of the academic year at $4,300.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Education, undergraduates can spend up to 85 percent more every day. They could be spending less and saving more if they cooked all their food at home. At some schools, they purchase food outside the campus. But because these students live on their own and are unable to cook, they shell out about $4 on average for every meal. Comparing that to dining hall meals, it is still expensive.

Why are dining hall meals relatively more expensive? There are four factors as to why the cost is higher, as reported by Money.

1. The first is labor cost. Because someone else is cooking the meal, there is cost involved.

2. The facilities can cost as well. A percentage of the meal fee goes to the maintenance of the place as well as the utilities involved such as the plates and cutlery.

3. Since the dining hall caters to particular diet restrictions, high quality food is a major factor.

4. Lastly, as with any business, there is profit. Some schools would opt to raise revenue through other services if they are unable to get additional funds or gain approval for tuition hikes.

But there are still those who cook food in their dorms. Check out this Buzzfeed video below for some college snack hacks:

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