Free Higher Eudcation An Option: The Best Colleges That Offer Free Tuition


Education is one of the most important helpful tool in many people's priority list because it can be a determining factor for higher paying jobs. However, one of the major setbacks for attending college is the cost it entails. If only there were good colleges that tuition fees are free. 

According to TBS Magazine, a Harvard study suggests that the high cost of education is one of the many factors why American college students step out of college without earning a degree. The good news is that more tuition free colleges are emerging recently and is now becoming a new trend in the industry. With free college and high quality education, it will be perfect for those who aim to achieve a better life through higher education.

Now here are the colleges that offer free tuition with a catch!

Berea College

Berea College is a small school in Kentucky which aims to attract students who are underprivileged and get them to commit to work hard, according to CNBC, but wait, there're more. The catch is that slacking off is not being tolerated in this school and classroom attendance is mandatory.

Deep Springs College

This small all-male liberal arts college in California offers eligible student with a scholarship that covers free tuition and room as well as board. However, the college only admits only 22 to 25 men in a year and the academic demands of the school are extremely intense.

Webb Institute

Webb Institute is a little engineering college in New York founded by the shipbuilder William Webb. The school has a very good credentials and reputation which is why their graduates are highly employable. Eligible students receive scholarship grants which cover tuition fees to study naval and marine engineering.

US Airforce Academy

This prestigious academy in Colorado offer not just free tuition, but also a stipend to cover all education costs of the students. The catch is that each cadet will owe at least five years of service as an active duty officer after graduation.

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