‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Game Update: ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Trailer Sets High Expectations For Gamers, Impressive Cinematics And Engaging Plot [VIDEO]

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The video game company Guerilla Gamers, released a new trailer for the upcoming action role-playing video game, "Horizon: Zero Dawn." The highly anticipated RPG is set in the primitive times where bionic dinosaurs travel aimlessly on the grassy plains. The game's trailer shows Aloy as she discovers secrets throughout the story.

Not only the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" trailer showed glimpse of the video game, but it also sets high expectations for game enthusiasts as well. The impressive cinematic and engaging plot of the upcoming action role-playing game has gripped the attention of many viewers. Wherein, the RPG's landscape and lands are crisp in detail, Telegiz reported.

Nevertheless, little is known about the story of the "Horizon: Zero Dawn," and not much is revealed in the trailer. So far, the only known fact about the upcoming video game is that gamers will get to explore a mechanize dinosaur world, which players will be hunting mostly in the video game.

The Guerilla Games company holds all information about the characters and storyline of the "Horizon: Zero Dawn." The game developers want the upcoming game to be a fresh experience for game enthusiasts and encourage these players to explore the world for their own.

The upcoming action role-playing game is expected to have a unique combat experience as never seen before in the gaming universe. As only armed with a stick to protect the game's main protagonist from colossal animals, it appears that agility and intelligence is key to conquer the mechanical beast, according to Gaming Target.

The video game company has also done an impressive job of mixing up two contrasting elements. Taking a world rich in nature and then filled it with advance-technology monsters.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is slated to fire up on Feb. 28, 2017, and the game is exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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