Google Now Stores Offline Searches And Delivers Them When Signal Returns [Video]


Spotty connections would no longer be a problem with Google rolling out an update that makes it possible to search the internet even with an inconsistent connection. Users will be able to search offline and the results delivered later once a connection is established.

Google is rolling out with an update to the Google Android app that will save the users searches, stores them in a queue, and will deliver results as soon as the connection returns. According to Google search project manager Shekhar Sharad stated in a blog post, the app will work behind the scene and will detect a connection and deliver the search results in the queue.

According to PC World, the only drawback is for the user to remember to use the Google app rather than using Chrome (or any Android browser) for Googling on the go. Once a user encounter a spotty connection or loses connection entirely, search queries are stored in a queue, when the handset eventually find a connection, Google will then proceed with the queued searches and send an optional notification once searches are done.

While there is no connection available, users will be able to edit or delete any pending search queries using the incorporated Manage searches option in a sidebar. Additionally, users can also turn off the feature if the user chooses to proceed with their queries manually later on. Sharad also noted that using the feature will not drain the battery and will only have a minimal impact on data usage, according to The Verge.

It might seem like a minor update feature, but it can sure come in handy. The beauty of the feature is that the user can store as many searches as one wants or need while offline due to bad or no connection, and just store the phone. Once a connection is obtained, the phone automatically has the data ready on hand.

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