‘Nioh’ Latest News: Final Trial Version Comes With Exciting Rewards! [Details]


The final trial version of "Nioh" will be released this coming weekend. The upcoming demo version offers exciting rewards for players upon completion.

The trial version of "Nioh" is now available for pre-loading from the PlayStation Store. Players, however, need to wait until midnight on Friday night or Saturday morning to access it and play it for 48 hours.

"Nioh" is a dark, samurai action RPG set in medieval Japan where a bloody civil war is taking place. Players will travel through demon-infested lands as the blond-haired Westerner William, a fierce warrior who's also a samurai expert.

William will fight demons called Yokai and other samurai in supernatural sword battles and extreme, multi-target interactions. Each combat encounter in "Nioh" is a test of patience, skills and analysis. Players must think carefully whether or not they should attack, block or retreat from enemies, otherwise William will be vulnerable to attacks that will drain his health bar quickly.

Completing the trial version of "Nioh" comes with bonus prizes in the game's final and official release. Players who finished the main mission will get the Ogress Headgear. Completing the "twilight mission" will yield the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong DLC packs. To ensure that these rewards will be in the final game, players have to keep their save file.

"Nioh" already released limited-time trial versions last year. The month of April saw the release of an alpha version and August had the beta. These demos helped game developer Team Ninja get feedback and improve its stamina system.

Those trial versions of "Nioh" also removed durability and added tutorials for the game system. Balance was adjusted in the game's opening sections so battles will be fairer. Controls and camera system were improved, along with graphic performance and the understandability and usability of the UI. Changes were also made in enemies and level design/stages, among others, GameSpot listed.

"Nioh" is being compared to FromSoftware's popular "Dark Souls" series, but the game's settings are entirely different. The games, however, are similar in how they present the mechanical challenges of a combat.

"Nioh" has a multiplayer mode but it will not be available yet when the game launches on Feb. 7 in North America and Feb. 8 in Europe and Australia. The game is exclusive on the PlayStation 4.

Are you excited for "Nioh" yet? What do you look most forward to in the game? Sound off in the comments section below.

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