PlayStation 4: The Best Free-To-Play Games You Can Download Right Now


Spending money on things you love and enjoy isn't frowned upon, but getting free stuff is loads better. PlayStation 4, for instance, offers free games for players who have no money to spend, or are in a tight budget but don't want to compromise their gamer selves. Check out the best free games available on PS4 below.

"Resogun," from Housemarque and Climax Studios, is a voxel-based side-scrolling game where players can blast their way through hordes of enemies using lasers, missiles, overdrive and nova-bombs. The objective of this intense game is to rescue the remaining survivors of far-off galactic colonies that are overrun by evil aliens. Download "Resogun" from PSN.

"Planetside 2" was praised by Digital Spy for its "scale" and its ability to hold thousands of players together and then distribute them into three separate factions. Once they are grouped, players must fight other teams to control the game's sprawling territory.

"Planetside 2" also offers in-game purchases for players, but buying items or not doesn't really have a huge effect in a player's status in the game. Developer Daybreak Game Company ensures that the game stays balanced regardless of the items that require real money. Download "Planetside 2" from PSN.

Another excellent free game on PS4 is Digital Extremes' "Warfare." In this third-person co-op action game, players act as members of the Tenno race. A Tenno is an ancient ninja warrior that was awakened from cryosleep as war rages.

Players must fight the Grineer, a horde with decayed genetics due to centuries of cloning. The Grineer will stop at nothing to expand their empire and they are willing to use violence to accomplish that. Download "Warfare" from PSN.

"Neverwinter" is an action MMORPG based on the applauded fantasy role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons." Players must explore and defend one of the forgotten cities from "Dungeons & Dragons" and bear witness as it gets reborn from destruction. The game will take players from the city walls to subterranean passageways, all the while engaging in action combat against enemies.

Epic Games' "Paragon" is also available on PC aside from PS4. SegmentNext praised this over-the-shoulder battle arena game for its "gorgeous visuals."

"Paragon" is played by two teams composed of five players that are placed at opposite ends of a map with three lanes linking two cores. The first team to wreck the opposing core wins.

Which of these PS4 games are you most inclined to play? Why? Share your thoughts below!

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