How To Cope With Test Anxiety In College


Normal levels of stress before taking exams or tests can be helpful in making you work and think faster, and can generally improve your productivity and performance. However, too much stress can also be detrimental.

If you find your anxiety overwhelming, your performance could be at stake, and it can keep you from being able to study and focus well, especially when preparing for the test. It is important to understand what is causing the stress and anxiety so that you can deal with it as early as possible. But if anxiety continues to build up, try these tips to help you control it.

Develop good study habits

Being able to prepare well before the test is one of the best and effective ways to handle stress and anxiety according to Education Corner. This is because knowing that you are prepared can help build up and increase your confidence and your anxiety will decrease.

Practice meditation and relaxation

Breathe and relax, according to WellWVU, because this will help you control your breathing, your heart rate, as well as your thought processes. Get rid of unwanted thoughts and focus your mind on your breathing, as this is a good practice to calm yourself.

Avoid cramming

One of the major reasons behind test anxiety is cramming. Students who take time to prepare and study months or weeks before the exam are less likely to experience anxiety compared to those who come in unprepared. If you find a subject a bit difficult for you, start studying early in the semester.

Practice positive thinking

To set yourself up for success, you have to get rid of the negative thoughts. Instead, believe in the things you have learned and reviewed and most importantly, believe in yourself and in your capacity to be successful in the test.

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