‘GTA 5 Online’ Update: What To Expect From New Arrival Progen Itali GTB Custom


Rockstar Games rolled out an update for "Grand Theft Auto Online." The update introduced a new car along with new customization features and weekly sales on various items.

The new, weekly deals in "GTA Online" will last until Monday, Jan. 16, GameSpot reported. Players now have 25 percent more GTA$ on Vehicle Export, 25 percent off Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations & Special Cargo Warehouses, 50 percent off Grenade Launchers and 25 percent off Engine Performance Upgrades. There's also a 25 percent discount on Body Armor, Ammo, Throwables and Explosive Weapon Ammo, along with a 25 percent off all Masks.

The new "GTA Online" car is called Progen Itali GTB Custom, which players can acquire from Benny's Original Motor Works shop, Rockstar Newswire announced. The car was described as "a sleek jungle cat" that has "serious speed, devours tight turns with ease, and is sure to terrorize opposing racers across the circuit."

"GTA Online" players can customize the Progen Itali GTB Custom "endlessly," the developer assured. The car comes with options "to modify everything from engine performance to the finest interior details."

Check out the vehicle's appearance below. You can see that it has a neon lime-green finish but as mentioned before, players can change the paint job if they want to.

The Progen Itali GTB Custom isn't Rockstar's only surprise. With the update, some "GTA Online" players won't have to visit Benny's for car customizations anymore. Benny is now conducting house calls.

"Qualifying executives" can buy a Custom Auto Shop add-on for their office instead. The only catch, however, is Rockstar has yet to reveal any info about the level of executive players need to possess to avail the add-on, Game Rant noted.

"GTA Online" launched a free expansion called Import/Export DLC last December. The expansion introduced a new Executive Garage that grants players the freedom to store up to 60 vehicles, according to a separate report from Game Rant.

Missions get unlocked with every vehicle stolen in Import/Export. Those missions, which are not a walk in the park, allow players to enhance "Special" vehicles. Completing the missions will open up eight new vehicles, such as the BF Ramp Buggy, MTL Wastelander, Imponte Ruiner 2000 and Karin Technical Aqua, among others.

"GTA Online" is played via "Grand Theft Auto 5." The latter is available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. What do you think of the game's latest car? Share your thoughts below!

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