Surface Phone to Rock A Radical Feature You'll Definitely Love


Microsoft Surface Phone might have a surprising feature that everyone didn't expect before.

Surface Phone latest news and update

Back in 2014, Microsoft filed patents for a flexible device that can be folded. The Verge has learned that the Surface Phone could be a 2-in-1 device that becomes a smartphone when folded, and turns into a tablet when opened.

One of the leaked patent filings that describe a flexible hinge structure quickly garnered attention from the tech geeks as this isn't the first time they heard about such visionary design. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung will unveil its first foldable phone in Q3 this year.

Based on the patent documents, the device can be folded to three parts. Hence, it's imaginable how large the device would be when unfolded. Surface Phone, might not be a phone at all, according to BGR. It could actually be a foldable Surface tablet.

Microsoft could also be making the tablet more distinct than Samsung's as the company might not obtain the flexible panel from LG, as rumored.

Surface Phone will be the powerful device that heightens the level of productivity in a smartphone. Express has noted that it will most likely be the PC-like handset that can use external keyboards, be connected to Surface Pro and more appealing to business consumers.

Surface Phone release date

Based on the timeframe, Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Phone in October this year.

Microsoft has filed thousands of patents and this particular document may not indicate that the Redmond giant might release a foldable Surface Phone or tablet but everything remains to be seen.  

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